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Regular servicing and review of our public communications keeps them working well. An external perspective may help. These are only examples of services and packages. Get in touch to explore what you might need - no cost, no obligation beyond that.


Website Quick Wins

A cost effective way to extend the shelf life of your current website, or identify priorities for a redesign. Either as a blind first impression test or deep dive, the extent of the review can be based on your budget and platform. Recommendations can cover core messaging, information architecture, menu hierarchy, accessibilty, clarity of branding and quick wins on language, image and calls to action. 


Full comms audit

Digital sits with print and design, which still play a crucial role for churches and charities. A full comms audit starts with your audience, and uses UX (user experience) tools  either to give a birds eye view of your brand, with a full set of practical recommendations. This can lay the groundwork for change, and identify blindspots as well as strengths. These will be shaped to fit with your budget, capacity, goals and vision. 


Digital Overview

A full audit of your social media platforms, emails, websites, how they all fit together. Whether you’re confident in multiple platforms, or only have limited resource and capacity, this can help you assess your content, know when, how  and where to post, how to build a dashboard of metrics, and plan your social media strategy. It’s a quick intensive investment in digital marketing. 


Keyword and SEO ideas

Using Google Analytics, social media insight tools and other competitor analysis tools like Answer the Public, this is the kind of deep dive work that your team might love to do if they had time. It uncovers learnings from similar organisations and identifies personas. It gives deeper insights into your target audience from data on their internet searches and online behaviour, so that you’re able to steer your messaging to meet their needs.

Laura’s listening to understand, her external research and interrogation of raw data, resulted in a comprehensive and analysis-rich paper. She quickly understood the issues at the heart. Her practical recommendations (based on thorough research) are being implemented.  

Alison McPherson, Director of Operations, United Christian Broadcasters



Use your training and development budget for something bespoke and personal to your organisation culture and needs. These are only examples of services and packages. Get in touch for a free no-commitment call to explore what you're after.


Training Sessions

Content marketing, branding and design cultures, social media and digital, making the most of your website, reaching churches and insights in the UK Christian landscape, usually 1-3 hours, in person or on Zoom. The training will be practical, interactive and entirely shaped to fit your context and purpose.


Campaigns and fundraising

Frank Analysis can give ideas, inspiration and strategic direction to your campaign planning, drawing on a network of designers, skills specialists and agencies. Drawing on experience in fundraising, copywriting, direct marketing and managing design processes from concept to delivery, we could help you clarify your vision and make the most of your budget. 


Branding Workshops

Whether you are considering a rebrand, or just want to understand your profile, a staff and stakeholder workshop is a useful early step to get active engagement from trustees and senior teams. Using a design thinking approach and interactive tools, this will give your teams language and confidence to take next steps, and can point you to designers and agencies too. In person is better, online also fine.


Individual mentoring

Phone, Zoom or in-person chats as a confidential sounding board, particularly (but not exclusively) for women in communications or senior management roles in Christian organisations. Governance, fundraising, team leadership, change management and career development are areas we’ve explored with others. A session every few months for six sessions can work well, with flexibility for your situation.  Cost starting at £40/hr.

We needed an ambitious publication producing in time for our official launch conference, with a tight deadline. We asked Frank Analysis for help. Laura and her team supported us with project planning, editing, design and even data sourcing and compiling for the infographics! They finished the job in record time. Kudos to Laura & Piero!

Luiz Santana, The London Project, City to City



Have an exploratory call initially to see if our approach fits, or if we can suggest others for you.


Listening and analysis

Using surveys, interviews and focus groups, a listening exercise facilitated by someone external can bring clarity to your strategy. We are able to draw out honest perspectives, bring together the threads and themes and offer ideas. For large scale qualitative research you’ll want a certified agency (we can recommend some), but for 10-100 staff/stakeholders, this more bespoke listening project can be really effective.


Research reports

Examples of reports commissioned by trustee boards and exec teams: comparable fundraising case studies, competitor analysis, headline summaries of key issues/research in area of interest,  co-creating an infographics from a range of compiled data. This kind of desk-based market research gives insight, context and depth for decision making even with a small budget. It can be part of due diligence before further investment, or a  tool to increase understanding and collaboration.

Laura helped SIM UK to design and deliver a ‘listening project’ as part of our strategic review.  She worked brilliantly with our staff, represented us well to stakeholders and delivered an insightful and useful report. Her organisational, church and mission leadership experience brought added value, as did her connectedness within these worlds.  I wholeheartedly recommend her'

Deborah Agnes, Director of Personnel, SIM UK

Deborah Agnes, SIM UK Director



Organisational change can be an additional pressure. Could we provide extra heads or hands? 


Interim cover

Sometimes, due to recruitment timescales, holiday, illness or sabbatical, there is a need for interim support. Laura brings experience as a former CEO, Director and volunteer manager, and a network of contacts. Any role would probably be part time and not for more than three months, but that may be enough to get you through to the next stage.


Project management

An understanding of change management models, and working through some change theory, may help your team in a time of transition. Laura brings experience of managing change of premises, change of leadership, staff remote working arrangements, asset transfer, rebrands and full organisational restructure. If someone external to stand alongside would help, have a chat.

Laura was our Interim CEO while we recruited, and was such an answer to prayer. Laura helped us keep our focus on God’s provision. She nurtured ideas and relationships she inherited, helping them grow, and planned some more too. She was a blessing both in what she achieved and in her professional skills and contacts. She also modelled the valuing of God and people, which is at the heart of what we are about.

The Board of Trustees, Faith in Later Life



We’d always rather start with your budget, shape an offering to your needs, and see how far we can make it go. It might be further than you expect, drawing on our network of sources and specialisms where needed. If it helps to plan, this gives an idea of standard rates for some of this type of work. We're happy to talk about options, and full quotes, SLAs, policies and GDPR agreements can be made available. Frank Analysis isn’t seeking to grow any personal platform or brand presence except yours. Feel free to get in touch for a confidential no-obligation conversation.


  • Editing (whether it’s reducing a wordcount, reviewing a funding application or writing for the web)

  • Copywriting (including ghostwriting)

  • Briefing graphic designers (or helping you brief them)

  • Planning a publication from concept to distribution (with plenty of contacts to help)

  • Collaboration projects (particularly between church groups)

  • Speaking / Presentations 


If you are interested to explore an idea, or if you are seeking a job, role or career in these areas of work, please get in touch. We may be able to involve you in a project, support you in your job search or recommend you to others. Frank Analysis would love to see a greater diversity of people working in senior roles particularly within Christian organisations. To help with this, every month has time set aside to help people improve their CVs or personal websites, for free. Do send yours over if a second pair of eyes would help.


Where we can lift others up we will. Where we can recommend others we will. Where we can act in collaboration rather than competition we will. 


Thanks! We will be in touch soon.

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