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We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura. Her ability to listen and understand the influencing factors, then turn our conversation into action, provided us with valuable perspective and clarity of direction. We've been able to make huge progress in a short space of time thanks to our work with Laura

Levi Phillips, Diocese of London, Creative Lead

Laura listens with great attentiveness, grasps the threads and themes, then finds expression for complex ideas, passions and challenges at lightning speed. She was able to help us articulate our vision for mission outreach with simplicity, insight, creativity and dynamism. We have benefitted so much from her calm approach, wide experience and gift for communication.

Joanna Gilbert, University Chaplain and Young Adults Coordinator - East Brighton Catholic Church

At the conclusion of a major five year project we asked Frank Analysis to evaluate all aspects of its communications and identify learnings and recommendations for future planning. We were really impressed with what was produced, both as an external perspective on different audiences and for its practical suggestions. The work will be a powerful tool with wider uses going forward. 

Sam Donoghue, Head of Children and Youth, Diocese of London

UCB commissioned Frank Analysis to undertake a post-pandemic strategic review of our Prayerline. Laura’s sensitivity to different people’s perspectives; her integrity in treating every stakeholder in a consistent way and listening to understand; undertaking external research and interrogation of raw data, resulted in a comprehensive and analysis-rich proposal paper. Laura quickly understood the issues at the heart of the challenges, and her practical recommendations (based on thorough research) were implemented as a result. 

Alison McPherson, Operations Director, United Christian Broadcasters

As a team we really appreciated Laura’s input around comms - we have rebuilt so much!  She wanted to hear people, and give a sense of voice, and we welcomed her passion for prayer and depth of character. Suzie’s HR training and the team workshop were also been really valuable.

Andy Du Feu, Executive Director, Moorlands College

It's been an absolute joy working with Frank Analysis, and I know the team have hugely benefitted from the input and support.

Tim Goulding, Chair, Moorlands College

Laura’s social media training for BRF was a rich treasure trove of ideas, observations, statistics and best practice. The training was thoughtfully tailored to the organisation's activities and it was a good balance of presentation and interactive sessions. The time went incredibly quickly! 

​Karen Laister, Head of Marketing, Communications and Strategic Relationships, BRF

We needed to take a good hard look at our communications and marketing strategy. Frank Analysis was recommended and we couldn’t have been in better hands. Laura provided a thorough assessment  of what was going well and where - as well as how - we could improve. Her in-depth report was helpful and practical, leading to a completely updated website and revised digital strategy that is enabling us to reach the people we need to.

​Christine Daniel, Founder and Director, Toucan Together App, Agape


​Frank Analysis Ltd undertook project work in early 2021 for the School of Media, Arts and Humanities at the University of Sussex, to assist us in our submission to the Research Excellence Framework. Laura was tasked with presenting a portfolio on a designated university web platform, providing an effective visual presentation of music research projects. The whole team was hugely impressed with the quality of the work Laura produced, and with the professionalism and efficiency with which it was carried out.

Professor Matthew Dimmock, REF Lead for the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, University of Sussex.


Laura audited and reviewed our entire comms offering from the website to social media and publications. Her insights were invaluable and led to a complete change in our approach. At a later stage she was able to help us reshape and edit our content to implement her suggestions. Laura works at a breath-taking speed with no sacrifice of quality and her understanding of the charitable and Christian sectors in the UK must be unparalleled in both depth and breadth. Laura's strategic mind, bottomless well of creativity, ideas and enthusiasm and love of learning and people make her a great joy to work with. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Jo Swinney, Head of Communications, A Rocha International


We needed an ambitious publication producing in time for our official launch conference, with a tight deadline. We asked Frank Analysis for help. Laura and her team supported us with project planning, editing, design and even data sourcing and compiling for the infographics! They finished the job in record time. Kudos to Laura & Piero!

Luiz Santana, Head of Comms, The London Project, City to City.

Frank Analysis helped SIM UK to design and deliver a ‘listening project’ as part of our strategic review.  Laura quickly grasped what we needed, worked brilliantly with our staff, represented us well to stakeholders and delivered an insightful and useful report of all the work, on time and within budget.  Her experience of organisational, church and mission leadership brought a lot of added value to the process, as did her connectedness within these worlds.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to others.

Deborah Agnes, SIM UK Director

We commissioned a report from Frank Analysis to help us better understand the current demographics, cultures, and trends in the UK church, including giving and local engagement. Laura understood the heart of the commission and did a great job of producing a really helpful and easily digestible overview of the context in which we work, to help us to plan how we connect with Christians and local churches going forward. I would definitely recommend working with Laura!

Stephen Hammersley, CEO, Pilgrim's Friends Society


In an early period of growth, Laura came alongside and provided invaluable strategic input. As well as supporting me, she audited our communications, delivered targeted digital growth, and undertook a key research project to better demonstrate impact. Laura’s experience, strategic thinking and agility, along with her personable nature, made her a pleasure to work with. 

Carl Knightly, Former CEOFaith in Later Life


Laura was an answer to prayer as Interim CEO for Faith in Later Life. The pattern for much of Christian service is that one sows, another reaps and God does the growing. Laura helped us keep our focus on the God’s provision. She nurtured ideas and relationships she inherited, helping them grow, and planned some more! She was a blessing in what she achieved and in her professional skills and contacts. She also modelled the valuing of God and people, which is at the heart of what we are about. Thank you Laura!

The Board of Trustees, Faith in Later Life


Thanks! We will be in touch soon.

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